Herald is source of history

Herald is source of history

By Faye Gaston

The monthly Historical Preservation Report was presented by Faye Gaston at the January 6, 2020 meeting of the Union Springs City Council as follows. There are advantages in living in a small town.

One is the available source of files of local history in the local Herald newspaper. Files of decades of Herald newspapers are kept in the public library, courthouse, Development Authority and the Herald office.

Folks who write a history of Bullock County research the Herald files. I do not understand why some folks do not read the local newspaper to know what is happening in our county, but get the state, national and world news. In today's world, we are making the history of Bullock County, and much of it is recorded in the Herald newspaper.

Most of it is good news. Schools are featured with their programs, honor rolls, college scholarships, sports schedules and sports awards. Church meetings all over the county are advertised.

Marriages, births and deaths are published, with the obituaries a source of genealogy. Folks going into the military are featured.

There are articles about school class reunions, family reunions and wedding anniversary celebrations. Articles tell about the many ways various organizations help our senior citizens at the nutrition centers, with free legal advice, saving on energy bills, improving health, and being given fresh vegetables.

Organizations offer information such as the Extension Service and the nursing home. The Herald tells about the good things the Department of Human Resources does.

The ads at Christmas and New Years record for history many businesses that are operating at this time. Photos of every high school graduate in Bullock County is published in this historical file.

Every week I read the column, "Inside the State House" by Steve Flowers, the leading political columnist in Alabama, with information in helping to decide how to vote in state-wide elections. Every week I read the motivational "real" column by Willie Spears, teacher, coach, minister and motivational speaker.

I like to read the tidbits of selected news in the section from Heralds 10, 25, 50 and 75 years ago. The Herald informs the public in changes in business at the local courthouse, such as how to buy car tags in one step, and the new marriage laws in Alabama that do not include a wedding ceremony.

The Herald advertises bargains and sales in stores. It advertises community events, civic club meetings, and political meetings. There are crimes reported with few murders, some robberies, vehicle crashes and fires.

Reviewing just the Heralds in 2019 lets us know there are advantages to living in a small town in a community of caring people, and that it is possible to live life to the fullest in a small town.

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