Union Springs Mayor Saint T. Thomas

By Faye Gaston

On Monday, June 17, 2019 a City Council member made the recommendation to raise the pay for the Mayor and City Council members effective the first Monday in November 2020.

It must be a unanimous vote by the City Council to give permission to vote for or against a pay raise. The vote was not unanimous, but it could be placed on the next agenda.

It did come up for voting on July 1, 2019 concerning Ordinance #455 "Ordinance to Establish Salary for the City of Union Springs Elected Officials for the Term Beginning November 2020".

The City Council voted not to approve a pay raise. However, the pay raise issue can come up again as long as it is 6 months before November 2020.

Beginning on the first Monday in November 2020, Ordinance #455 called for the Mayor's salary to be $900 per month ($10,800 per year).

The salary for City Council members would be $300 per month ($3,600 per year).

Individual additions to the monthly salary would be made for those receiving the Certified Municipal Official (CMO) designation by completing 40 credit hours of education ($50), then the Advanced CMO designation by completing additional training ($50), and finally the Emeritus CMO designation by completing a minimum of 120 credit hours of Continuing CMO Education plus 15 points ($100). If an individual completed all these studies, the Mayor's salary would be $1,100 monthly and a City Council member's salary would be $500 monthly.

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