Turner's Learning Center

The Department of Public Health Alabama (Alabama Department of Public Health, ADPH) was notified and investigated a complaint on Site 2 of Turner's ABC Learning Center located at 202 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., in Union Springs.

On June 20, an environmental public health official found that bats inhabited parts of the building, with at least two dead bats in the living space. Only a small percentage of all bats carry and transmit rabies.

At the request of ADPH and the Department of Human Resources, the center voluntarily closed on Thursday, June 20, 2019 to avoid possible exposures.

A professional wildlife specialist has begun working to identify and correct any problems in daycare to protect the health of children, staff and visitors.

After this work is completed, the ADPH will provide a courtesy inspection to look for additional bats or pollution of bats that could pose a risk to the occupants of edificio.

They advise the public to avoid contact with bats, alive or dead, in order to avoid possible exposure to rabies. If exposure is suspected, people or pets should analyze the dead bats.

The ADPH recommends that all children in this nursery receive preventive treatment for rabies.

There have been multiple attempts to contact all parents and caregivers of children inscribed.

A parent of a daycare child said she had to take her child to the pediatrician and get 4 shots for rabies. On the first day the doctor was seen a shot was given, the second shot was three days later, the third shot was four days later and the fourth shot was a week later.

For additional information, visit www.alabamapublichealth.gov or call 1-800-338-8374.

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