Gail Barr presented the Bible study at the July 8, 2019 WOM (Women on Mission) meeting at First Baptist Church of Union Springs. She passed a "baton" containing lights to all present for each to name mentors, people who had passed their "baton" of the Gospel message to them. (Photo by Faye Gaston)

By Faye Gaston

Gail Barr presented the Bible study from "Missions Mosaic" magazine on the Apostle Paul's passing on the "baton" of the Gospel message to his spiritual son, Timothy. She read Scriptures Paul wrote to Timothy in 2 Timothy, chapters 1 and 2. She passed a "baton" to each WOM member as they told of mentors in their spiritual journey.

Faye Gaston taught the study of Southern Baptist missionaries in East Asia to the Hmong people group from the "Missions Mosaic" magazine.

They also taught the study on Intercessory prayer from the magazine, naming several men from the Bible who prayed for others. The text was from Ephesians, first chapter, that gives a model intercessory prayer for others, and described the role of Jesus after He ascended into Heaven.

All read in unison the names of Southern Baptist missionaries with July 8 birthdays and Gail Barr offered the intercessory prayer for them.

Reports were given for the church clothing room, minutes of the May WOM meeting, and the treasury report. Sandra Till reported on the cards mailed to the sick and bereaved.

Amy Hall reported on mission action by WOM. Funds collected toward purchasing water filters and digging wells in areas where missionaries serve would be sent today.

She read a card of appreciation for the receipt of the pillow case dresses for Africa made by members of WOM. She suggested future projects for WOM.

Mona Crawford announced that instead of a WOM meeting in June, there was opportunity to attend the WMU Missions Celebration in Birmingham. Amy Hall and Mona attended on June 9 and Donna Smith and her granddaughter joined them in attending on June 10.

Sally Hall provided refreshments of watermelon, dip and chips, muffins, and wieners in miniature buns. Gail Barr prayed the blessing.

Gail Barr led the reciting of the watchword of 1 Corinthians 15:58, prayed the opening prayer and presided over the meeting.

Faye Gaston prayed the closing prayer. WOM will meet again on August 12, 2019.

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