100th day of Kindergarten, grannies and grandpas.
100th day of first grade, grannies and grandpas.

The students and faculty celebrated the 100th Day of School on Thursday, January 17, 2019. Students and faculty dressed to represent a person that was 100 years of age.

100th day of second grade, grannies and grandpas.

Students and faculty wore dresses, suits, robes, gray wigs, beards, mustaches, printed skirts, eyeglasses, knee high stockings, flannel shirts, suspenders, ties, etc. Some students used walkers and canes.

It was hilarious! A variety of “One Hundred Day” activities were included in the instructional day for both reading and math.

100th day of third grade, grannies and grandpas.

Also, students were given the opportunity to complete a variety of activities that related to the number 100. Many books were read and discussed throughout the day.

Books read include but were not limited to: Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day, 100th Day Worries, Jake’s 100th Day of School, One Watermelon Seed, 100 Things That Make Me Happy and One Hundred Hungry Ants.

100th day of fourth grade, grannies and grandpas.

Third and Fourth Grade students completed a writing assignment entitled, “What Life Would be Like if I Was 100 Years Old”.

The students and faculty truly enjoyed this exciting day.

Faculty, staff and administration would like to thank the parents for allowing the students to participate. The students at USES are 100 days smarter.

We would like to thank our awesome Union Springs Herald Staff for taking our beautiful pictures.

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