Sheriff Raymond Rodgers

Sheriff Raymond Rodgers

By Johnny Adams

As businesses in Alabama begin to reopen, Sheriff Raymond Rodgers recommends that Bullock County citizens continue to follow safety recommendations.

Sheriff Rodgers said, "Coronavirus is still in Bullock County and surrounding counties. It is spreading fast in Montgomery County.

"Everyone should continue to wear face masks or face coverings.

"They help protect the person wearing it and others nearby. It is very important that people do not gather together in crowds or groups.

"Stay six feet away from others. Night Clubs should remain closed. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer.

"Coronavirus seems to easily spread person to person. It can make a person very sick or even cause death. Let’s all stay safe."

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Red Eagle

Will Glenn Summerford ever be pardoned?. I played Glenn in an Animal Planet Program Called "Busted." back in 04' Not knowing the history of the man I played, I later looked into his story and trial. I believed he was railroaded. He has now spent over 3 decades in prison and is 76 years old for a crime in my opinion he did not commit. I contacted the Alabama Governor last year and made a plea for his pardon. Never received the courtesy of a response! He deserves to spend what time he has left with his family.Hope God grant's him with someone who will be able to help him.

Red Eagle

Sorry Sheriff Rogers, my comment about Glenn Summerford was off subject but for some reason I was not able to post on letters to the Editor.

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