John Rumph

By Lacey Holmes

After returning back to work, and hearing of his passing, my mind traveled back down memory lane. I am reminded of an occasion when my husband and I needed a loan to buy our first furniture. We went into First National Bank, somewhat nervous, as we didn’t have any credit at all. Shortly a tall, well-dressed loan officer approached us to come to his office.

My husband reached out to shake his hand and after my husband introduced me, I also shook his hand. We sat down, still nervous and unsure of the outcome.

He reviewed our loan application, and I’m quite sure he noticed, very early that our application revealed NO credit worthiness or references.

Finally he said something along the lines of “ I am going to approve your loan. This is your first loan and this will also be an opportunity for you to pay off this loan and in the process establish credit worthiness." This kind gentleman’s name was Mr. John Rumph.

We both shook his hand, very relieved, and thanked him more than once, for taking a chance on a very young couple with no credit, attempting to purchase living room furniture.

We never got the chance to share with him the impact that his kind gesture had made on our lives, until I had the pleasure of our paths crossing again at Southern Springs Health and Rehab Facility.

This was my opportunity after all those years to offer our gratitude. I began to thank him for believing in us and saying yes to a $500.00 loan that we so desperately needed. He smiled, grabbed my hand, shook it, smiled, chuckled, and offered expressions that clearly said “ You are welcome.”

I have had enough birthdays to know that all things worthwhile, start and end with Almighty God, but I am also wise enough to know that God dispatches His angels all over the place, regardless of race, creed, and color, in the time of need.

Tearfully, I remember this man, whom I have told several of my coworkers, families, and acquaintances “that man right there gave us our first loan.”

In this day and time, $500.00 might not be a big deal to some people, but as for Samuel and Lacey Holmes, we thank God that He allowed Mr. John Rumph to believe in a young nervous couple, thereby opening the door for years of credit preparedness and worthiness.

In precious, loving memory of a man that my husband and I will never forget, Mr. John Rumph.

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