By Faye Gaston

Town Hall meetings have been held since the first of the year to discuss ways to improve Union Springs and Bullock County.

These meetings are sponsored by the Extension Service with no cost to the City.

Tabitha White attended as a representative of the Alabama Power Company. Union Springs Mayor Saint T. Thomas, Jr. learned from her about the possibility of replacing all 450 light fixtures in Union Springs.

This upgrade would increase the brightness of lights downtown and all over the city.

Because of the details she presented, a contract between the City and Alabama Power Company was drawn up for all members of the Union Springs City Council to study.

This project would be presented for consideration at the August 5, 2019 City Council meeting, with "Master Contract for Lighting Services---Illumination" on the agenda.

Two Alabama Power representatives were present at the City Council meeting on August 5, 2019. D.J. Taylor and Robert Richardson are Municipal Account Managers, Lighting Services. Richardson made the presentation for fixture upgrade, with displaying an actual lighting fixture, LED Light.

The City now pays $3,744.14 a month to the Alabama Power Company for the use of electricity in lights owned by the City.

With the upgrade in the fixtures, the City would only pay 20 cents more each month, with the new monthly payment to be $3,744.34.

This benefits the Alabama Power Company in that the upgrade would save the amount of electricity used. The City Council voted to allow the Alabama Power Company to replace the 450 light fixtures that the City owns.

Mayor Thomas will sign the contract, and work will proceed when necessary preparations are made concerning state owned lights.

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