Deontra Jones

Deontra Jones

The Russell County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a suspect in the shooting death of a Hurtsboro man.

20-year-old Deontra Jones, of Union Springs, confessed to shooting and killing 63-year-old Randolph Cannon on December 30, 2019. He has been charged with murder.

Jones is currently in the Russell County Jail awaiting his preliminary hearing on Monday.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor says this case had very little evidence to go on due to the location of the crime. There were no residences or witnesses that the Investgative Division could use to get a lead in the case.

“The investigators worked this case for six days straight to include New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to bring this case to a conclusion,” says Sheriff Taylor.

In a press conference held Sunday afternoon, Taylor says Jones and a female passenger were sitting in a car on Cannon’s property the morning of December 30. Taylor says Cannon questioned Jones and his passenger why they were on the property and expressed that they were trespassing.

Then, Jones got out of the vehicle and started shooting at Cannon. Taylor was told Cannon ran down the road and Jones chased him, ultimately shooting him multiple times, killing him.

After exhausting every resource the department had, Taylor believes they have the person who shot and killed Cannon.

Due to the lack of evidence, the Sheriff’s office issued a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the investigation on Friday. Not long after Lt. Barr, Chief Investigator for the Sheriff’s Office, recieved a second tip that would eventually lead to Jones’ arrest.

Taylor says one tip was called in before the announcement of the reward.

“More than likely, I will be splitting the reward with both tips that came in,” Taylor says.

As of now, the suspect will be charged with murder, however, the Sheriff’s office will be in contact with the District Attoney’s office to see if the charge will be upgraded to Capital Murder.

As for the female companion, who lives in Russell County, she is not being charged with anything. She was brought in and her statement matches the suspect’s statement. “We know that she was there, but we don’t beleive that she had anything to do with him getting out and shooting,” Taylor added.

Investigators are searching for the firearm that was used. They have asked Jones for it and he has not revealed that information.

Investigators are working to determine what Jones’ motive was for killing Cannon. “It appears that the younger generation just has no value on life and this case leads to that,” Taylor says.

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