The present pastor of Mt. Silla Missionary Baptist Church is Rev. Fred Douglas.

By Faye Gaston

This is the Historical Preservation report given at the Union Springs City Council meeting on June 4, 2019 by Faye Gaston. The monthly Mayor's Prayer Breakfast was held at Mt. Silla Missionary Baptist Church on June 3, 2019.

This information is gleaned from the history of this church in the printed program at the breakfast. Mt. Silla Missionary Baptist Church, formerly Second Baptist, located at 409 Locke Avenue was organized in 1877. The original building was purchased from Mr. Henry and Mrs. Margaret Todd for the sum of $66 and doubled in use as a school.

As the years passed, the congregation worked hard to upgrade the church building. In 1945, the building was completely blocked and renovated. Under the leadership of Rev. L. D. Days, who served as pastor for 30 years, the church was completely bricked. A kitchen was added and a church van and additional pews were purchased.

Through the years, church members replaced the carpeting, did interior painting, made an office area, purchased two lots next door, paved the parking area, acquired a church bus, added stained glass windows and a new tin roof.

There have been nine pastors since 1877 including Rev. J. Wiley, Rev. R. O. Johnson, Rev. W. Smith, Rev. R. Thomas, Rev. Henry Harris, Rev. E. O. Gamble, Rev. L. D. Days, Rev. Major E. Whitlow, Sr. and the present pastor, Rev. Fred Douglas.

The members of Mt. Silla Missionary Baptist Church look forward to continued spiritual and physical growth from 1877.

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