Brandy Ann Arbaugh, 24 and Gloria Loraine Harrison, 45

Brandy Ann Arbaugh, 24 and Gloria Loraine Harrison, 45

Two people are in custody after a multi-county chase that began in Montgomery, passed through Bullock County, and ended in Macon County Monday morning.

According to Sheriff Raymond Rodgers with the Bullock County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened when a resident, who lives inside the Montgomery city limits, near Vaughn Road came home to find two white females trying to break into her home.

When the homeowner arrived, the two suspects tried to leave, but their vehicle became stuck.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. George Beaudry said the suspects assaulted the homeowner before taking her vehicle.

An arrest affidavit says Arbaugh forced the victim out of her vehicle while it was moving. The victim suffered superficial abrasions and lacerations from being drug.

Briggs says deputies began pursuing the suspects through the county, then in Bullock County and finally into Macon County where Beaudry added they were both taken into custody on Crimson Road near the Tallassee exit after the car ran out of gas.

Sheriff Rodgers said, "If you come home and see an unfamiliar car call law enforcement, try to get the tag number and a good description of the car. Never approach an unknown vehicle.”

According to court records, Gloria Loraine Harrison, 45, is charged with robbery second degree and burglary first degree.

The second suspect, Brandy Ann Arbaugh, 24, is charged with reckless endangerment, attempting to elude, burglary first degree, and robbery first degree.

The affidavit says the vehicle reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour in rain and on wet roadways. It ran through multiple stop signs and passed oncoming traffic in no-passing zones with “no regard to the safety of the other drivers on the roadway”.

Both were taken to the Montgomery County Detention Facility. Harrison was placed under a $40,000 bond and Arbaugh was placed under a $53,000 bond.

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