Lynn Jinks

I have gotten into the bad habit of checking the news app on my IPhone first thing every morning. That way I can find out what happened overnight. This morning the breaking news didn’t involve politics, tariffs or natural disasters, but what happened on the final episode of the popular TV series Game of Thrones. Nobody seemed to be satisfied with how the producers of this show ended the story. However, some commentators used the term “Shakespearian” to describe the epic themes that formed the basis for the many plots and sub-plots. I think it’s risky to compare anything to Shakespeare because Shakespeare is incomparable. That said, this TV show, like Shakespeare’s plays, does deal with the human traits that lead to tragedy. Ambition, pride, avarice, greed and obsessive sexual attraction lead the characters in the show to their doom.

If the critics and pundits found the finale to be unsatisfying it may be because there were so many story lines going on at the same time. It’s hard to resolve something that is so multi-faceted, especially if you only have one hour to work with. Most of the disappointment expressed by the critics had to do with the role reversal of Daenerys Targaryen who, having exhibited such goodness and promise, abruptly turned into a murderous mad queen. Too bad. Good thing her loyal subject and lover, Jon Snow, was there to kill her at the end. In television, as in life, simplicity is best. It’s just not as much fun.

I offer my perspective on this eight season, eight yearlong production: television has become a well-developed art form. Its capacity to entertain and inform us has come a long way since the days of black and white TV. That a television series of this complexity and magnitude has captured the imagination of so many of us should be no surprise. I certainly enjoyed it. It is fitting, therefore, that all the news outlets this morning were gushing about their enjoyment or disappointment of the last episode. At least I didn’t have to wake up to read again about the President’s tweets.

Lynn Jinks is an attorney with Jinks, Crow & Dickson, P.C.

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