By Faye Gaston

Bullock County Commission Chairman Alonza Ellis has a vision to help the senior citizens at the Union Springs Nutrition Center. He had concerns that the adjoining city park had been neglected for years and was looking "like a jungle".

One end of the sidewalk going through the park to the next lot had disappeared. Three memorial markers need cleaning, two for military men placed with the planting of two trees by the Chunnenuggee Garden Club and another by friends for a classmate. In the past when the park looked great, events were held here.

For example, senior citizens sat in rows of chairs for a program in the fresh air. A ceremony honoring a severely wounded military veteran was held here. A wedding was performed here. A table and chairs were available to enjoy sitting outdoors.

On February 5, 2020, in full cooperation from Union Springs Mayor Saint T. Thomas, Jr. there were five heavy equipment machines from the city and county cutting out of control tree branches and overgrown bushes and hauling them out.

County employees and equipment were cleaning out roof gutters that had caused water leaks. Chairman Ellis has a vision of the flower beds at the entrance to the building being replanted and maintained for an attractive welcome.

Chairman Ellis has a vision of the building being renovated and obtained a list of needed improvements from the Center manager, Terri Bean. He has requested funds from several sources for the repairs and painting.

It is the responsibility of the county to maintain the building and the responsibility of the city for the inside equipment.

The building is rented a lot for family gatherings and other events. Folks from in and out of the county would have a positive image of the building if in prime condition.

For several years Chairman Ellis has shown his affection and appreciation for the senior citizens at the Nutrition Center with lunches and special programs that focus on senior citizens.

With Mayor Thomas and Chairman Ellis together, his vision is becoming a reality.

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