Willie Spears

During football season Coach Spears will have his friends fill in for him as he focuses on the season. This week we have Dr. Courtney Pritchett.

As we near the kick-off of football season, I am reminded of the story of the football player one season away from making millions of dollars as an NFL player. He was a kid from the inner city streets of Atlanta. He was told over and over that it would be impossible for him to attend college because he was coming from a single parent home with one bedroom and seven brothers and sisters.

Using his inspiration, he went on to college and became a great football player, but was later met with adversity when he lost feeling in his right arm after making a tackle in a game. Determined to be successful, he finished school and became a millionaire in a career as a motivational speaker and investor.

The "touchdown" to receive from this story is that regardless of you situation, your past or even mistakes you have made, you have to keep fighting, clawing and driving your way to success.

Whenever the enemy notices you moving in the right direction, he will send adversity your way. Remember God was in the fiery furnace, the deliverance happened in the middle of turmoil. About five years ago, I experienced one of the toughest seasons of life ever.

It seems the devil was attacking me at all angles. Financially, in my marriage, and with my children. Often what we portray daily is not a true representation of what season we are actually going through in life.

The one thing God revealed to me was that life will not always be easy or flow as we want, but from tough situations and trials will come a stronger person with a purpose. I lost a close friend right after high school, he was murdered.

The same night I heard God’s voice clearer than I ever had and it told me to share the gospel with him. I even called him and set up a meeting the next day. He asked me to "just tell me now". Well the next day never came and I struggle with that situation even now.

But in the midst of the situation, I was given a purpose and a why to what I do and that drives me everyday. Find your why, find your purpose, grab hold to the things in life you want and attack each day like an angry linebacker!!!!! Have a great week and Go Hornets!!!!!

Dr. Courtney Pritchett, Ed.D

Collaborative Teaching/ESS

Head Women's Basketball

Auburn High School,

Auburn, Alabama


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