Tayelor Spears

Tayelor Spears

Small Town Blessings

By Tayelor Spears

This week’s article is written by Willie Spears’ daughter Tayelor Spears. Tayelor is a freshman at Arnold High School in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Friendly, familiar faces, warm smiles, and meaningful conversations are key factors to this small town. There are nice people you can meet at almost every turn.

Small towns have a certain charm to them that can be found nowhere else. Bigger cities are loud and crowded. Traffic is absolutely horrific and people are everywhere.

Growing up I’ve moved around more times than I can count on my fingers, so my little visits to Union Springs hold more meaning to me than you know.

When I was in sixth grade I went to school in a small town and it was an experience like no other.

The people were kind and welcoming and everybody knew everybody. That was the year I broke out of my usual comfort zone and became the big social butterfly I am today.

Small towns are able to coax the true personality out of someone by making them feel comfortable and part of their family. That’s what happened to me at least.

I remember starting my first day of school in the small town of Vernon and being more scared than I ever thought possible for an eleven-year-old. Most everyone in my grade had been going to school with each other since kindergarten and here I am walking in not knowing anyone.

Not even a week later some kids approached me and invited me to sit with them in class. I had absolutely no idea they’d end up being my closest friends along with so many other people who saw me as one of their own. It was truly an amazing feeling. A feeling of real friendship that helped me grow as a person.

As of now, I’m living in a pretty big city that constantly has a heavy stream of overbearing tourists and locals who are always rushing down the roads and driving like maniacs with no sense of patience whatsoever.

Taking a break and coming to Alabama was more than appreciable. Union Springs, Alabama has this calming air about it that definitely can’t be found in Florida. From the loud shouting of high school students on the streets to the overbearing cry of seagulls, Florida, for better words, is noisy. Whenever I come to Union Springs, people greet me as if we’ve known each other for months.

They see my face and recognize me as the coach's daughter then immediately treat me like family even though I live hours away. The community here is incomparable to any other. People are tight knitted. They stick together and help each other and that is a trait worthy of being admired.

In Union Springs everything is within a few minutes drive, making traveling from point A to point B simple. My brother personally enjoys the town because of the inexpensive soda machines that seem to reside on every block, while my dad likes it for the support he receives from the community around him. I love the town because of how friendly everyone seems to be towards both me and the rest of my family.

Coming to Union Springs, whether it be for a game or just a friendly visit, is always something I look forward to just to get that fresh breath of air.

Everyone needs a break from their everyday hectic lifestyle every once in a while, so if you live in a relatively big city or even if you don’t, take the chance to go see a small town of your own. If you’re originally from a small town, then that’s even better!

Go visit your hometown and compare it to how it was when you were young. If you have kids, bring them with you. Make memories that you as a family can share forever in a place of tranquility and warmth.

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