Bishop Harry L. Seawright

All roads lead to 98 Orum Street, Midway, Alabama as the Person Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church gives thanks to God for 150 years of existence.

From slavery, four years after the Civil War, through reconstruction, through World War 1, through the depression period, through World War 2, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, through Brown Vs. Board of Education, through landing a man on the moon, through candle lights and kerosene lamps, from Brush Harbors to wooden frame buildings to modern brick edifice; God has blessed us and has kept us.

Because of His favor upon us, on August 18, 2019, at 3:00 p.m., we will come together to celebrate and worship our Almighty God.

Our honored speaker is the Reverend Dr. Harry L. Seawright, Presiding Bishop of the State of Alabama, AME Church.

He presides over 10 Presiding Elders and over 300 Pastors. He is a native of South Carolina and was elected and concentrated a Bishop in the 2016 General Conference held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We would be honored and humbled by your presence to worship with us.

If you are unable to attend our 150th Anniversary celebration please pray for us.

Rev. Eugene A. Johnson, Jr., serves as pastor of Person Chapel and the Rev. Dr. Letitia Watford serves as Presiding Elder of the Tuskegee District.

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