Christy Crow

We’re in uncharted territory. Things are changing so quickly, it is hard to keep up. Social quarantine is the new norm for the near future. Our children are home from school for the next few weeks. Churches are having on-line services. Offices are closing and people are working from home. We are encouraged to not shake hands and hugs are all but forbidden.

Nathan’s advice from last week is sound. As things progress, though, we have to do more than wash our hands. We have to avoid each other. That is the opposite of what we want to do when there is a crisis, which is to come together and support each other.

The question is – how can we do that when we need to avoid each other.

First, take care of yourself. Both physically and mentally. Get outside and go for a walk. Pick out a project that you’ve been putting off at home and focus on that. Keep a normal routine. Don’t sleep in or stay up late binging television shows.

Financial stress can add to mental stress. If you’re out of work and unpaid during this time, it is stressful. Don’t ignore those financial stresses but, instead, call your lender and explain the situation and try to work out a plan for the future.

Next, take care of someone else. Check in on your loved ones, even if it is only by telephone or FaceTime. If you are not sick, offer to go to the grocery store for more vulnerable members of your community and family. Take them a care package. If you can order to-go from a local restaurant, do it and support others who are trying to keep their businesses open during this time.

Finally, pray more and judge less. Health care providers, government officials, and decision makers are having to make hard decisions without knowing what the future holds. Our neighbors and community members are having to make hard choices. We will end up going nowhere if we try to go it alone. So, when you’re wondering what to do, remember to be your best self. Do all of the good you can, all of the places you can, all of the time you can.

Christy Crow is an attorney with Jinks, Crow & Dickson, P.C.

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