By Kim Adams Graham

City Attorney Elizabeth Smithart wrote a letter to Bullock County Commission’s Attorney John Waters asking the county to pay back $8000.00 for Deputy Melvin Grooms police training to the city. The city had paid for the training while Grooms was a Union Springs police officer. Attorney Waters said there is a law if an entity pays for the police training and the employee leaves within 24 months, the new employer shall reimburse the other entity. But, the claim must be within 12 months and the city’s claim was made after 12 months.

Sheriff Raymond Rodgers said, “It is outside the deadline so don’t pay it.”

The sheriff also state the county assists and backs up the police department about 80 percent of the time.

The sheriff added, “Don’t give them a dime.”

Bullock County Commissioner Johnny Adams agreed with the sheriff. Adams said that Deputy Grooms had also received training while he was employed with the Sheriff Department and the city did not reimburse the county. Adams said, “I see the police and sheriff together at wrecks and other calls.” Adams said Deputy Grooms still assists the city police department.

Commissioner Adams made a motion not to pay the $8000.00 and Commissioner Larkins seconded. The vote was unanimous not to pay.

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