By Bertha Coleman Poe

On behalf of the Bullock County Branch NAACP 5066 and supporters, we are offering a $400.00 scholarship to a 2020 graduate in Bullock County.

We believe that “to whom much is given, much is required.”

Further, we believe that education is the passport to a successful future.

The Bullock County Branch NAACP is committed to giving back to our community, city, state and nation.

Working together, we can continue to stand up for freedom, liberty, justice and equality for the greater good of all humanity.

Criteria for receiving the Bullock County Branch NAACP 5066 Scholarship:

I. Recipient must be a 2020 graduate of Bullock County.

II. Recipient must present evidence of acceptance to a two or four-year institution of Higher learning or into the military.

III. Recipient must write an essay of 300 words or more about the history of the NAACP beginning with the founding in 1909 until current activities today. Significant contributions, philosophy and events surrounding the NAACP that impact our lives today should be included.

IV. Documentation of acceptance to college and the essay should be submitted by April 24 2020 to: Bullock County Branch NAACP 5066. Attention: Dr. James V. Poe, Jr., President. P.O. Box 566. Union Springs, AL 36089.

If you have questions or desire more information, please contact Dr. James V. Poe, Jr., 334-738-2644 or any Bullock County NAACP members.

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